San Pedro II: Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Careers (IEC) Building

In November 2022, the UT System Board of Regents approved the next phase of UTSA’s downtown development initiative—the new Innovation, Entrepreneurship and Careers (IEC) building, to be known as San Pedro II. Constructed just across the San Pedro Creek from San Pedro I, which includes the School of Data Science and the National Security Collaboration Center, San Pedro II will leverage opportunities for academic programming and research collaborations among programs in both buildings.

Collectively, the buildings will connect classrooms and meeting spaces inside with the outdoor venues and public art of the park, creating an ecosystem that supports students and the community at large. The new spaces also allow UTSA to address the city’s pressing workforce needs by connecting UTSA students with experiential learning and career-engagement opportunities and providing training for careers in cybersecurity, computer and data sciences.

UTSA has engaged Overland|Gensler to design the new building with plans to break ground in summer 2023. San Pedro II is expected to be 180,000 square feet with a focus on indoor/outdoor connections and reconfigurable spaces for multipurpose use to serve UTSA students, faculty and staff downtown. The new building will also be inclusive to the public through spaces for community programs and meeting and conference spaces.